Below are some recent testimonials for our patients. If any of these stories sound familiar, please call us for an initial consultation at 424-389-5588.


“When I called Dr. Lal I was feeling old. Not knowing what I was supposed to feel like because I had never been 50 years old before. I just knew that my waist was growing, my sex drive was waning and I was feeling tired and borderline sick most of the time. Blood pressure and cholesterol had become health problems for me and my family doctor was merely treating those issues with standard drugs. The core wellness issue was never even discussed.

When I first spoke to Dr. Lal on the phone he did not make any promises of how much he could improve my health but he said “I know I can help you”. He has helped me tremendously. I feel great. I get compliments on my physical appearance almost daily. My sex drive has never been better and blood pressure and cholesterol have become easy to manage and understand.

I highly recommend Dr. Lal as a doctor to help you feel and be better, get more fit and understand your body.”

~ D.R

“As a business owner, it is imperative that I maintain top physical and mental health at all times in order to ensure my companies, and myself, are functioning at their optimum levels. I have trusted Dr. Roman Lal for over years now and with his expertise and guidance, I am feeling better than ever! Dr. Lal has my full trust, respect, and endorsement. He is honest, precise, and in my opinion, second to none in patient care and bedside manner. It is with 100% confidence that I recommend Dr. Lal as a wellness provider to anyone seeking personalized care, friendly bedside manner, and attention to detail in diagnosing and correcting any medical condition that may ail you.”

~ J.S

“Dr. Lal is genuinely one of the nicest physicians I’ve met. He always ensures my questions are thoroughly answered. I’ve been his patient for several years and have no hesitation in recommending him to others.”

~ K.F

“I have been working with Dr. Lal since 2010 on improving my health and vitality. The results are measurable and speak for themselves; I feel great, I am stronger and more energetic. Best investment I have made.”

~ J.P