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Stem Cells Regenerate

Biocellular Regenerative Medicine Stimulates The Body to Repair Damage From Trauma and Aging Stem Cells Know What Cells to Stimulate in Order to Heal Pain and Injury in the Body. Hard working, busy business men do not have the time to sit around after a surgery that may or may not be successful. Stem cell […]

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Regenerative Medicine Series: PRP Basics

The Basics of PRP What is PRP? — Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) is your own blood spun down and concentrated into two components: • (Less important) Serum – a dark red blood cell rich section. • (More Important)  Plasma – an often more clear golden coloured section rich in platelets (the stuff that makes wounds […]


Health Insurance vs Cash

One of the problems with wellness medicine is the lack of health insurance coverage., the reason for this is simple but very difficult to quantify.